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Experience The World’s Leading Solutions in Vietnam


Our clients are the owners and investors of Hospitality & Retail industry. They are willing to invest in the right solution for helping them managing business in the best.


Ms Thuy Ha

Finance Manager & POS Project Leader

Experience from the leading managers

Golden Gate Group has been using solutions from Vietnamese companies in nearly 8 years with 3 changes. Once their system was expanded, the old solutions could not meet their desires and expectations. Dcorp brings a whole difference compared with domestic solutions, especially in terms of stability and accuracy, along with continuous and enthusiastic supports from Dcorp staff, which makes me feel assured.


Restaurant management solution with the most modern & powerful technology platform in the world, including 21 modules to solve any task in the business.

Smart Ordering Technology

The solution is full of the latest technologies and mordernest equipments to order food: Order on the touchscreen POS (R-Keeper Touch & Send), order by mobile device (R-Keeper Mobile Waiter), customer self order by R-Keeper Self Order

Omnichannel Technology

A robust platform in the technology ecosystem R-Keeper Platform which provides tools to fulfill orders at everywhere from: phone-ordering, email-ordering, web-ordering, etc,. All of orders are sent directly to POS machine at the restaurant or via call-center to confirm and coordinate the closed process from ordering – production – delivery – payment – confirmation & scoring.

Optimizes Kitchen Activities

Production management in the kitchen is a complex task and highly affects to the quality of food as well as the quality of service. The Smart Kitchen System visually displays all orders from the POS with specific indicators and instructions about processing time, recipe and workflow management which helps the kitchen operation automating like a factory.

Caring & interacting with customers

Tracking and analyzing the consumer behavior are a hot trend in the service industry. R-Keeper Customer Management is the leading tool in managing a loyal customer database and continually offers hundreds of excellent customer supporting policies.

Warehouse Management & Supply Chain

Revenue can be very high, but profits are not as expected. One of the biggest reason comes from the warehouse management, cost management, inventory optimization, ordering optimization, limiting damage and loss. R-Keeper StoreHouse is an extremely powerful tool in managing production and warehouse in the restaurant industry.

Intelligent Analysis Report

Business Intelligence System analyzes all the business and management metrics that help investors seeing the whole business picture of their restaurant and then to make the right decisions.


Dcorp R-Keeper is a part of multinational company network over than 250 branches, providing consultant and implementation services for F&B, Hospitality, Retail solutions with a Pioneering & Professional Technology Solutions.

Our solutions meet the strictest requirements of international organizations for accuracy and transparency such as Ernst & Young, PwC, which are tested, certified and widely recommended by leading companies such as KFC, Burger King, etc. In Vietnam, the leading F&B companies are using the Dcorp R-Keeper solution to standardize and upgrade their operating procedures to rapidly expand the chain of business and sustainable development.

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