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Setting up the standards and comprehensive caring for the business operating system

This is an extremely important step before we come up with a solution or setting up standard operating procedures that are suitable for the business. We will examine in detail and select the key issues that need to be solved in the business and operational process.


We will build and set up a standard operating procedure that is suitable to the size of each business based on the business & process survey. From then, will identify the best management solutions for the system to ensure that the requirements are met.


This process helps businesses to receive and apply the management solutions in the most effective way. Usually, when changing work habits or applying a new technology solution, the user gets many difficulties. So, we hold training courses and detailed instructions for each specified task. After the training process, the user can use the solution in his/her daily work very smooth and fluent.


Applying a new system will encounter a lot of problems or special tasks arising that don’t know how to solve via the software. Understanding the importance of operating business, we always support 24/7 for your sales operation being smooth.


With this service, we always have the teams prioritizing highest customer, ensuring the smooth sale operation without any obstacles, especially with the restaurants serve in late.


We understand that a durable and stable system will bring the best business performance for investors. Therefore, we always monitor and schedule regular maintenance of the product after deploying the solution. Technicians will go to each store to repair and maintenance periodically, record the feedback, customer suggestions, check and handle software maintenance if necessary.


Monitoring system is like a “doctors” in the IT system. This system will monitor all softwares, issues and status of devices and computers in the POS system of all the stores and alerts to system administrators when there are incidents.


Manages and analyzes the input data to provide suitable organizational solutions on the software, optimizing items, marketing programs and menu organization for the restaurant chain.


When the system includes the hundreds of stores with thousands of employees, then it is very important to ensure all sales data and reporting systems are always accurate and timely. An hour of data being late can cause businesses for losing tens of millions vnd. We have dedicated staff and tools to track and compare the transferring sales data, concurrently check and compare the consistency and accuracy of the data which is sent from the restaurant to the central office server. As a result, users in all departments from operation, marketing to finance, accounting, BoD are always updated full and accurate.