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Powerful solution. Proficiency team. Support tools

Wrap & Roll


From the very beginning versions, R-Keeper solution was designed and developed based on operational requirements and management of huge chains such as KFC, Burger King, etc. Tight data structure, logical business processing for F&B Holding with many different models. Managing thousands stores in only one database.

Top-of-the-line operational and technical support tools: Monitoring tools, synchronization supporting, consistency and stability checking, etc. All stay in real-time mode and able to connect to thousands stores in the same tracking interface.


Managing multiple business models in a F&B Holdings is a huge challenge: Hotpot, Sushi, Beer Club, Coffee Shop, Korean Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, etc. This requires a strong system to manage the business outlets by each of model and region. In addition, the system needs a well-organized data structure and intelligent operation for separating between sharing objects and generic objects by each areas: store, location, model, etc.

With Dcorp R-Keeper, you can flexibly manage and set separate business policies for each model or apply generic policies on each item, promotion campaign.


Menu management in F&B Holdings is a simple task but very difficulty to implement, because the menu is printed on paper and organized in the POS system are totally different.

Dcorp R-Keeper provides a powerful menu management tool with the mechanism to use as a common menu or separate one for each model, location, store by each phase and time during a day.

The menus will be set up by a mechanism: a code is used in general or separate for every store depending on the needs of the operation and management.


Price policy in a F&B Holdings always changes flexible by an actual of business. The powerful R-Keeper system will help to set up and manage the price flexibly: there are no limit for price quantity, the prices are automatically used following a workflow with a set of predetermined clauses.

Sets different prices for each model or store.
Adjusts the price flexible by each time.
Changes the price by type of order: dine-in, take-away, delivery, etc.


The huge F&B chains continuously run intermittent promotion campaigns with variety areas applied for each location, model, object, time, etc.

The R-Keeper system with the mechanism managing of marketing campaigns & promotions will help the monitoring and deployment being absolute precision, setting up flexible promotions on demand, synchronizing the program for the points of sale. Reporting the detailed results of campaign by each location or whole the system..


Manages the customer data will be a powerful tool to speed up sales and increase services quality.

R-Keeper solution allows to store informations, analyze the customer data, segment customers as well as creating the necessary reports to deploy effective marketing programs and strategies.


We always have 24/7 support team at the highest priority who support changes, update master data,

monitor real-time system and respond immediately



Consistency and standardization processes are the key to ensure continuity and stability for a business. Dcorp’s experienced experts team were working with the leading F&B groups will directly work on and develop the process with our clients.


The information system in large-scale F&B business includes variety parts, integrates with back-end systems, loyalty customer service softwares and specialized coupon/voucher distribution companies which help the business being flexible and smooth. The R-Keeper API Server provides the complete and abundant connectivity ability to the large and well-known systems.


Large-scale data needs to be allocated to ensure smooth operation 24/7. R-Keeper is designed with the world’s leading load balancing tools and algorithms to help thousands of stores work seamlessly without communication and connectivity problems.


Besides the powerful load balancing system, instant synchronization of information and business objects (menu, price, promotion, etc.) on a large scale is an extremely important task. Other softwares usually use full synchronization which makes the system being heavy and suspended. The uniquely synchronized technology (just synchronizing with the new change) helps R-Keeper to quickly and continuously update exactly what’ve changed at the head office.


Monitors all the software, service, hardware, etc. related to POS system to help the operation of points of sale being smooth and minimizing risks of interrupted system.


Working with R-Keeper is joined in the community of millions of F&B managers over the world who were using R-Keeper as a standard tool for daily operation and administration.