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Enterprise want to set up a professional business model and correct process.

Enterprise want to focus on business development without any worry about a collapsed management system.


POS machines for ordering often stop functioning during peak hours.

We receive at least 3 complaints every week from employees about the order was input to system but not printed out to the bar/kitchen counter leading to customers to wait so long but haven’t received their own food yet.

When I change the information of some dishes or prices, the synchronization between stores is often incorrect or confused between store A and store B.

Report data is often misleading without understanding the reason. In addition, daily data from the stores are not fully aggregated at the central office.

The reports on quantitative consumption and import-export-inventory are quite simple, not solving complex situations such as preprocessing, semi-finished products production, using of substitutes.

When inventorying, there are discrepancies between quantitative record and reality, but no enough tools to detect such deviations.

The previous solution providers offer a lot of great new features and many add-ons, but when they come to use, these features do not work as expected, even for basic features such as: ordering, rush hour printing, data reporting, etc., also inaccurate and continuous happening.

TI used a solution what I’ve thought that it was “all in one”, from sales managing, customer service, sales reporting, inventory managing and many other things. But now, we’re investing to expand our business system and then when using those features, I realize that they are very limited and those specialities are not deeply and lacking of logical.

We’ve experimented enough, now it’s time for us need to seriously invest in a strong and trustworthy product. And we choose Dcorp R-Keeper as the leading trusted POS partner.



TThe Gami Group moved from a Malaysian solution to the R-Keeper. The Pizza Company, Swensen brands were transferred to QSR Vietnam after that.


Golden Gate

Golden Gate moved entire 70 restaurants which have used a domestic software to the R-Keeper and now, there are 250 restaurants are operating smoothly with our solution.


Huge chains such as Redsun, Phuc Long moved from a domestic software to R-Keeper.

2016 – now


Wrap & Roll, TNC, New Pearl, Phi Khoa, Yo Chicken, etc,. all moved to R-Keeper to standardize the operation.


Investment for R-Keeper is the investment for stability and for later expansion is guaranteed safe. If you want to step into the F&B industry seriously and to avoid investing 2 times for an item, you should invest in the right one and get a good IT system right from the start, like the R-Keeper POS.

In the process of development, our company has 3 times changed POS management system, the previous systems are not stable and only serve at a certain scale, when the restaurant system is growing so that We are forced to change. We chose R-KEEPER for this change, because we understand that POS systems are like a healthy spine to support the entire rear management system. It is very important to choose a suitable POS system, we trust R-Keeper because it is the leading POS provider and in the supplier list accepted by Yum Brand (KFC owner, Pizza Hut …)

– Golden Gate

Dcorp has always been my most trusted company. Dcorp has always focused on the deployment staff and technical support, I have done a lot of projects with Dcorp and feel confident in the solutions and people of the company.
Mrs. Phi Van

Manager – World Franchise Association

When repositioning and extending the Wrap & Roll system, we think of Dcorp R-Keeper for our restaurant management system. I fully understand that a professional business scale will be impossible to lack a professional management solution, namely the POS system at each store that we take care of. And Dcorp R-Keeper completely helps us to do that, excellently and satisfyingly
Ms Kim Oanh

General Director – Wrap and Roll


If you’re operating a restaurant, but the POS system couldn’t work properly or oftenly occuring issues.

We are committed to moving the entire system to POS’ Dcorp within 24 hours with our on-site supporting operators.